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Tip-up stadium seat type ARENA

1tip-up stadium seat Arena prostar
2tip-up stadium seat arena prostar floor mounted structure
3tip-up stadium seat Arena prostar riser mounted structure
4 tip-up stadium seating arena prostar riser mounted structure
5tip-up stadium seats Arena prostar riser mounted structure
6tip-up stadium seat arena prostar manufacturer
7tip-up stadium seats Arena prostar floor mounted structure
8tip-up stadium seating arena prostar manufacturer
9prostar orange tip-up stadium seats
10tip-up stadium seat Arena prostar upholstered
11tip-up stadium seat Arena upholstered prostar
12Upholstered tip-up stadium seating Arena manufacturer


Seat and backrest:

  • made from high-quality polyethylene in the form of bistratal shaped elements with air chambers inside, which serve as an insulation barrier (other solution see Olimp seats),
  • the bistratal structure of the seat and the backrest as well as ribbed reinforcement applied in their construction improve the durability and mechanical strength of these elements,
  • the elements have a rough surface (resembling an orange peel), which eliminates reflexes and reflections of light after artificial lighting is switched on,
  • all plastic moulding edges of the stadium seat are rounded – improved safety of use without any sharp elements,
  • the backrest has a profiled and comfortable shape,
  • a plastic engraved number can be mounted in the upper frontal part of the seat,
  • with UV stabilising additives.

Seat self-tilting mechanism:

  • gravitational self-tilting mechanism of the seat (proper loading of the rear part),
  • the plastic seat and the backrest are fixed to a metal supporting structure using screws,
  • the pendulum supports the sitting person's weight and – in order to ensure a smooth lifting system – it moves in Teflon sleeves, which guarantees many years of defect-free utilisation of the chair,
  • rubber ends of the pendulum guarantee quiet operation,
  • upon request, we can produce a system of spring lifting to be used in closed facilities.

Steel supporting structure:

  • the metal supporting structure is manufactured in the form of legs screwed into the foundation or a suspended construction mounted to a wall,
  • normally the tip-up stadium seats are intended to be fixed in rows with a shared leg,
  • upon request,  the  stadium seats  can  be  made  in  the  form  of  single  and  individually fixed constructions,
  • the metal elements of the tip-up stadium seats can be powder coated with any colour from the RAL colour standard, hot galvanised, or galvanised and painted in the Duplex system,
  • the metal structures supported on a shared log are made from 50 x 30 mm profiles, while the structures fixed individually – from 30 x 30 mm profiles.

Upholstery chair offered in two variants:

  • in form of covers for the entire seat and the backrest

           The most frequently made from an eco-leather at which we place a logotype of a client

           in a laced version.

  • in form of a lap installed at the seat and the backrest

           Made normally from high quality fiber intended for public utility objects.

           This variant is proposed mainly for indoors applications.