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Auditorium seating

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2prostar auditorium seating
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4Upholstered auditorium seating prostar
5Upholstered auditorium seating manufacturer
6prostar upholstered auditorium seating


Backrest and seat

Made from beech or birch plywood, ergonomic and profiled shape, possibility of upholstering - various fabric colors available. The external boards of the backrest and the seat are covered with colourless lacquer.

Writing desk

Made form plywood of particle board, covered with a laminate in birch, beech or another colour to be selected from. Thickness of the particle boards: 18.00 to 25.00 mm, edges covered with PVC veneer. Desktop depth: 30-45 cm. The laminate protects against writinng on the desktop and facilitates cleaning and removing pen ink, etc.

Desk tilting mechanism

Anti-panic mechanism, enables easy and automatic lifting and tilting of the desk as well as safe operation. The strong metal construction secures against damage after sitting on the desk. The desk's supporting structure moves in Teflon sleeves, while guide rails are secured by rubber caps.

Seat lifting mechanism

Gravititational mechanism, where the seat is lifted by loading its rear part; robust construction of the pendulum, which moves in Teflon mandrels and guarantees quiet operation.

Steel supporting structure of the chair

Axial spacing of the legs 500-500 mm, supporting structure made from pipres with a cross section of 50x30x0,2 mm. Possibility of making the construction in a standing or suspended form, mounted to a wall.

Colour of metal constructions

Metal elements are painted with powder lacquer – colours available from the RAL colour standard.