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Football stadium stands 3-row

sport bleachers with front platform with excellent plastic chairs and ergonomic comfortable backrest type WO-07 ProStar
mobile three-row bleachers with plastic chairs with a comfortable medium back
three-row bleachers with plastic blue chairs with a comfortable high back
three-row metal bleachers with plastic chairs for school playgrounds
versatile three-row stands for sporting events
three-row football stadium stands with colorful stadium chairs
bleachers with yellow stadium seats for spectators
bleachers with blue and yellow ergonomic sports chairs for spectators type WO-07 ProStar
three-row mini bleachers with ergonomic plastic seats for spectators type WO-07 ProStar
three-row tribune with modern ergonomic plastic chairs for spectators - manufacturer

Three-row sports stands consist of three rows of seats arranged in series one behind the other. Designed entrances allow free and safe use of such stands during various types of events, both sports and entertainment. This type of solution is most often used where there is not enough space for stadium stands with more rows.

Steel stands are made of hollow metal profiles with different cross sections and dimensions, depending on the type of structural element of the stand. All metal parts of the stand are protected against corrosion through a galvanization process, by applying zinc to their surface.

The main and distinctive functional feature of this type of construction is that stands are made of repetitive system elements - modular connections - which when put together form a finite architectural element.

Metal modules, as a result of their serial connection, allow the construction of stands of different lengths, seating capacity and entrances.

The stands we make are designed for use in open spaces and do not require permanent anchoring to the ground or foundations. They are usually placed on a pre-prepared surface made of paving stones, but they can also be placed directly on the grass thanks to movable stabilizers and the backing of concrete tiles.

What is particularly important, the two-row stands are supplied with ProStar Stadium Seats manufactured by our company. We have several types of stadium seats in our product range, differing in the height of the backrest. Our stadium seats are suitable for outdoor use because we make them with the best components and UV stabilizers.  

The individual elements of our mobile stands are manufactured in such a way that their weight does not require the use of specialized and heavy equipment. Stadium stands can be assembled and then disassembled and moved to other places of use.

2022 - ProStar: 14 years of experience in the production of sports stands.