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Cinema seating

Cinema seating prostar front view
cinema seats front view
theatre seating manufacturer prostar
Cinema seating technical drawing
cinema seats technical drawing
Cinema seating prostar manufacturer technical drawing
Cinema seat red upholstery prostar
Cinema seats blue upholstery manufacturer
theatre seating manufacturer yellow upholstery
theatre seating manufacturer blue upholstery
theatre seats manufacturer prostar
Cinema seats red upholstery prostar




Armchair dimensions:

  • total height measured to the upper plane of the backrest – from 85.0 to 97.0 cm,
  • total depth after seat lifting – approx. 53 – 55.0 cm,
  • width of the armchair measured along the axis of the armrests – approx. 54 – 55.0 cm.

Seat and backrest:

  • the seat and backrest are made from profiled foam, cold moulded with a metal frame and metal springs inside, which undergo deformation depending on the distribution of body weight on the surface of both elements, i.e. the seat and the backrest,
  • thickness of the profiled seat measured from front or side – minimum 10 cm.


  • the armrests are mounted between armchairs – one shared armrest is installed for two neighbouring armchairs; made from beech or birch wood, lacquered with colourless lacquer or stained and lacquered.

Armchair's upholstery:

  • the upholstery of the backrest and the seat is made from polyester slow-burning fabric, manufactured in the state-of-the-art technology – Trevira CS,
  • in the case of damage, the protective covers of the seat and backrest can be removed and replaced with new ones, without the necessity of making new foam elements of the seat or the backrest,
  • the upholstery colour can be chosen from the manufacturer's template,
  • the upholstery fabric with abrasion resistance from 45,000 to 100,000 Martindale cycles, depending on the manufacturer.

Metal frame:

  • the armchair's supporting structure is based on metal legs which a shared fixing element for two neighbouring seats and backrests,
  • the frames of the legs are equipped with bases that are fixed to the floor,
  • the metal constructions are powder coated in various colours.

Seat lifting system:

  • gravitational, operated by loading the rear part of the seat's profile,
  • seat's load – maximum one person whose weight does not exceed 150 kg,
  • the  seat  offers  easy  disassembly  –  it can  be  removed  without  the necessity  of disassembling the supporting structure of the armchairs.

Backrest covering:

  • a guard made from birch or beech plywood, lacquered or stained.