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Reserve benches

Special, modern, durable and comfortable chairs for players' benches - type WO-07 ProStar
modern and strong benches for players with stadium chairs from the manufacturer
modern and strong benches for players with stadium chairs
large benches for players with stadium chairs ProStar
movable benches for players on wheels with stadium chairs
movable benches for players - manufacturer
Production - Different types of benches for players with a roof
Modern comfortable and ergonomic chairs - reserve players' bench
reserve benches for players different types manufacturer

We offer standard reserve benches. The structure of the shelter for reserve players is made of closed steel profiles, hot-dip galvanized and/or powder-coated in any RAL colour.

As standard, stadium shelters are covered with cellular polycarbonate panels (clear, tinted or milk) - 6 mm thick, or optionally with solid polycarbonate - 3 mm thick or trapezoidal sheeting.

Stadium shelters can be permanently fixed to the ground or can be mobile through the use of caster wheels, which allows them to be moved conveniently.

Stadium shelters can have different types of sides that determine their shape, according to the drawing at the end of the photo gallery.

We make reserve benches of different lengths and for different numbers of people: from 3 to 16 seats.

Stadium shelters can be additionally equipped with a set of "Guests" or "Hosts" signs, an anti-slip plywood platform covered with artificial grass, a platform made of corrugated aluminium sheeting or a set of running wheels.