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Stadium bench - for concreting

Modern bench with ergonomic and comfortable chairs for sports facilities
individual production of benches for sports fields, stadiums, tennis courts
manufacturer of benches for stadiums - various sizes and types
a leading manufacturer of chairs and benches for sports fields and stadiums
manufacturer of benches for sports fields and stadiums
custom-made stadium benches various types of chairs
benches for sports fields, galvanized metal structure
benches for sports fields of various types

All types of monoblock stadium seats we make can be mounted to metal support structures, which are then embedded in the ground by concreting their metal legs. This type of structural solution is used only outside buildings. Metal structures, in terms of the number of seats mounted on them, are prepared individually, according to customer expectations. These types of benches can also be fixed on existing slopes, which will enable the construction and creation of new spaces for spectators - i.e.: sports stands - stadium stands. The number of seats per row can range from 3 to even 100. The structures are protected against weather conditions by coating their surfaces with zinc.